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Top 5 Winter EV Driving Tips

We share our top 5 tips to keep you warm and charged as you venture out in the colder winter months

Let’s talk EV Variables


One of the biggest challenges when you make the switch to an electric vehicle is getting your head around the variables. Although many of these also affect ICE vehicles, they can be significantly more challenging or just plain confusing when it comes the electric vehicle.

So, as the colder months draw in, we thought it would be a good time to share some Winter EV tips to keep you comfortable and your vehicle optimised for the change in climate:


TOP TIP 1 | Pre-Conditioning

Engage the pre-conditioning mode prior to departure to manage cabin and battery temperature. By warming the battery whilst connected to the grid not only optimises your potential range by ensuring you leave home with a fully charged battery, but it also looks after the battery health whilst making your car nice and toasty. 


Helping you become the envy of your neighbours as you simply get in a drive away - no scrapping required 😊



TOP TIP 2 | Battery health

Battery optimisation ranks No. 2 in our top five tips for Winter EV driving and by setting just a little time aside for some preplanning can ensure that your battery health is kept in its happy place.


Aim to keep your EV battery charged to a minimum of 20% capacity where journeys permit. By investing a little time to plan routes that allow you to add top up charge will help you keep within the 20-80% ideal capacity range. Perfect pitstops we think for picking up a seasonal latte or hot chocolate.


 You might not see the benefit now, but your future range performance and wallet will thank you later…!



TOP TIP 3 | Range vs. Cabin Comfort

How you drive and adjust to winter conditions can have a significant impact on your range and comfort levels. By implementing our top tip no. 3 will ensure you arrive at your destination feeling warm and comfy with plenty of range left.


Setting the pre-conditioning mode before you depart not only looks after the battery health and maximises your starting range, but it also optimises the cabin temperature. If you are travelling solo, try utilising the heated seat and steering wheel mode as it can be much more efficient for range performance then using the climate control system whilst helping to maintain cabin temperature and comfort.


TOP TIP 4 | Education

Understanding variables can go a long way in optimising your vehicles’ range for a given charge. Road conditions, external temperatures, how eager you are on the accelerator through to tyre pressures and general car maintenance can all impact real world range figures. 


Taking the time to understand the variables and how they impact your vehicle will help you manage range and comfort levels so you can avoid heightened stress levels and range anxiety.


To keep upto date with all things EV related, why not follow Ev Reports Ev Cafe or SMMT


TOP TIP 5 | Efficiency and Emotions

Being in a rush, late for a meeting, anxious about range or general weather conditions can all affect how you drive, load and handle your EV. Understanding how emotions can impact driving efficiency, range and general performance is the first step in managing and improving your EV experience.


Whilst we can’t control the traffic, we hope that by implementing our winter driving top tips, we can make your journey more comfortable and a little less stressful.


Hopefully these top tips will help you seamlessly adjust to the colder months and continue to enjoy your EV experience.

If you have any comments or questions about off grid mobile EV charging you can drop us an email at

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