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Why work with us

With the potential to deliver nearly 580m tons of net greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2030, mass adoption of EVs is pivotal to the world reaching net zero.


Yet, right now, a whole host of concerns – not least the lack of convenient charging infrastructure – continues to hamper take-up and the ability to realise that potential.


 We exist to change that by developing intelligent mobile charging solutions that remove multiple barriers to EV adoption. 

Critically, our human-centered approach is motivated as much by inclusion as decarbonisation – for example, understanding that charging anxiety (feeling safe while your vehicle is charging) is a bigger concern than range anxiety among women and vulnerable groups. 


In other words, it’s not just our technology that sets us apart. It’s our whole ethos. For us, mobile charging solutions that help get more people into EVs more quickly aren’t just about decarbonising road transportation. They’re about decentralising and democratising it, too. 


Our Opportunities

High Voltage Expert

Cambridge, UK

Electronics Expert

Cambridge, UK

Sales and Marketing

Cambridge, UK

Note for Recruitment Agencies

Please note: We do not accept CVs from recruitment agencies where terms of business have not been signed and will not consider or agree to payment of any recruiter fees under these circumstances.


If speculative CVs are submitted by recruitment agencies, OOMPH Ventures Ltd reserves the right to contact these candidates directly and consider them for current/future roles without any financial obligation to the recruitment agency in question. This will also apply to any CVs sent directly to line managers.


If you’re interested in becoming one of our preferred recruitment suppliers in the future, please email to enquire.  All terms will only be agreed upon by the resourcing team.

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