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Oomph Launches POWERSTREAM

Rachel Sparkhall

27 Feb 2024

We are all used to the convenience of streaming data and video. Shouldn’t it be just as easy to recharge the batteries of your EV? With that in mind our team at Oomph set out to develop a mobile charger that can stream power to EVs no matter where they are.

After several years of R&D we proudly present POWERSTREAM, which is our first product in what promises to become an exciting range of innovative charging solutions. To maximise the utility of the product, POWERSTREAM recharges itself just as fast as it charges EVs. In this way it is ready for action for many hours of the day.

POWERSTREAM highlights include:

  • All-in-One: Battery energy storage device and rapid EV charging station combined in a sleek integrated design

  • Battery Powered: 30kWh of onboard energy with the power to deliver 30kW DC via CCS

  • DC in DC out: A mobile energy storage device that recharges as fast as it delivers a charge to EVs

  • Safety First: Batteries are safely enclosed and are continuously monitored

  • Zero installation: An out of the box solution for instant deployment that offers charging without compromise wherever it is needed

POWERSTREAM has been developed to bring a level of convenience to the charging of electric vehicles not seen before.  An out of the box solution with zero installation requirements, this rapid charging solution, aimed at sectors where fixed chargers are not the solution. It also provides an immediate and flexible solution to those facing long installation times for fixed charging infrastructure, high utility and groundwork costs and significant disruption to site.

POWERSTREAM can be mounted in the back of LCVs or can be wheeled around manually in workshops and on forecourts. The product is available both for temporary and permanent. Not only that, we have worked hard to pair this exciting new hardware with an equally attractive purchasing package that offers similar levels of convenience and accessibility.

Marc Ottolini, Oomph CEO explains, “The driving experience with an EV is exhilarating until it’s time to recharge the batteries. Unless you are lucky to have your own driveway and your own wall charger, you depend on public charging stations. Many businesses cannot afford to spend working hours on recharging batteries. Mobile rapid chargers solve that problem.
We see mobile rapid chargers and fixed chargers as complementary parts of the EV infrastructure. In a sector that is experiencing rapid growth and change, we believe it is vital that solutions exist that can be implemented quickly, with low risk and without breaking the bank”.

The operation of POWERSTREAM could not be easier. With an intuitive control panel and available in two different orientations, there is a solution to suit everyone. Delivered in a matter of weeks, the system simply needs unpacking, powering up and you are ready to get charging. 


One of the features that make POWERSTREAM stand apart from other mobile solutions is its ability to recharge as fast as it can discharge energy.  Meaning that the product is ready for action many hours per day. And with real time GPS tracking and remote monitoring, users will be able to quickly locate their units, monitor performance and keep an eye on essential parameters.

Morag Hutcheon, Oomph founder said, “I am incredibly proud of what Oomph has achieved to date and excited that we are now ready to launch POWERSTREAM.
Our mission has always been to improve the EV charging customer experience and following a very thorough product development process and intensive market research, the output of our hard work is plain to see. POWERSTREAM is now ready for the industry to experience firsthand.

With excitement already growing within the charging community, we are focused on setting up our UK-based manufacturing capabilities to ensure product quality and short leadtimes and busy demonstrating POWERSTREAM to interested parties. 

Our ambition is to become a major equipment support to the EV charging world by bringing much-needed new thinking to the industry, and plugging the holes in the EV charging infrastructure with unplugged mobile chargers & cloud connected batteries.

Keen to hear more?  

Why not email the team on to get your demo booked


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