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A little more about oomph

Our philosophy is the see the world through the eyes of the consumer. 


To disrupt old ways and methods and replace them with customer-centric solutions that offer convenience and flexibility. 


Our EVision

Our vision is to create a customer-centric ecosystem to support mass EV adoption globally. To bring freedom and convenience to the EV driver by supporting businesses with the technology to deliver rapid, mobile EV charging.


Mobile EV charging will become the next 'last mile delivery' service.


Our EMission

Oomph’s technology will provide the means for businesses to deliver rapid mobile EV charging.  Using smart box battery technology and sophisticated software, the oomph system will manage the complete process from customer request to EV charge whilst providing comprehensive data management information for the solution provider.


The aim will be to charge the smart box units using renewable energy before delivering charge to an electric vehicle, in an electric vehicle.

Systems can either be plug and play or fully customised to each business need and will support carbon reduction policies.

Morag_EV Charging_eTron.png

Oomph Founder

Oomph Ev founder morag hutcheon

Morag Hutcheon FRSA

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