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Welcome to the e-future


Oomph is a female-founded technology company with a simple mission - to speed up the transition to e-mobility.

The fixed EV charging infrastructure leaves much to be desired. We offer cutting-edge mobile EV charging solutions for all those situations where a fixed EV charger is not a practical or convenient solution.


Building on our pillars of strength

We have married our knowledge of the latest battery technologies with our deep understanding of rapid charging of EVs. For us, safety is of paramount importance, to protect the batteries inside your EV as well as the people using our equipment.

User convenience is one of our other key values. We aim to cram as much energy as possible in the smallest and lightest package.


Reliability is another cornerstone of our philosophy. We are going the extra mile to ensure that you can count on it that our products work, all the time, everywhere.


We understand how important and precious our natural resources are and are committed to remaining involved throughout the lifecycle of any batteries that we put out into the market.

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Passionate and purposeful

Rooted deeply in our culture are our core values of sustainability, passion, human-centricity, solutions-focused thinking, and inclusivity.


We’re not only committed to speeding up the transition cultivating a flexible and inclusive workplace, where diversity is embraced, agility is a shared value and team members are encouraged to be their authentic selves.


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As a mission-led technology business, we are keen to hear from individuals who feel they can support our mission. Just tell us how you will bring the oomph to our rapidly growing team.

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