Blue Skies

Fully mobile, rapid EV charging system

Our technology system

  •  oomph EV50 technology pack delivers up to 50kw DC EV charge ie. a 12 min charge would deliver a 40 mile range/top up 

  • specially fitted EV fleet running an EV charge service

  • remote ordering and pre book facility

  • emergency service support

  • full data management system 

  • telemetry data logging

  • EV100, EV75 and EV25 also available

  • will charge all cars DC

  • suitable for all connector types

  • app based service

  • quiet system, so 24 hour use is viable

  • multiple options for battery capacity

  • several options in the range upto 150kw

Corporate business parks, shopping center's, airports, anywhere you'd like to offer a EV charge service.

No longer, will people have to plan their journey around a fixed EV point charging infrastructure. We are the first fully mobile EV charging service.