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New Manufacturing Facilities for OOMPH

Rachel Sparkhall

20 Feb 2023

It's not just the batteries that are buzzing and fully charged 😉!


2023 has started with a bang and we are beyond excited to have moved into our own manufacturing facilities. We have been busily painting floors, moving boxes, stacking equipment, and getting elbows deep in erecting racking.


This milestone will be instrumental in helping us move forward with our goal of providing technology that offers a flexible EV charging solution. It's going to be the place where we get to realise all our crazy and ambitious ideas and push forward our technology pipeline (and drink coffee with the odd jammy dodger...).


Our initial focus is to bring the 30kWh unit out of stealth mode and into action. Pulling together demo days and pushing out production units for our new customers, and that is just the start. Behind the scenes the product pipeline will be getting bigger, meaning more capacity and more speed.


Keep tuned for updates coming in thick and fast ⚡...


Morag Hutcheon

Oomph Founder

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