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Double Winners at Cambridge SME Awards

Rachel Sparkhall

13 Oct 2022

Oomph Ventures Ltd, a Cambridge Cleantech member are celebrating their double win at the prestigious Cambridge Independent SME awards, taking gold in the Best New Business and Best Enterprising Business categories.  The awards and recognition provide a well-earned boost for the female founded cleantech company who are working hard to disrupt the EV charging sector.


Established to celebrate innovation, entrepreneurship and hard work, the SME awards shine a light on the effort and achievements made by local Cambridge businesses. Following on from their regional success, Oomph Ventures Ltd are now poised to challenge at the National Awards Event and attend the glittering black tie gala night at Wembley Stadium.


What makes Oomph different is their customer centric approach to business. With a background in design innovation and strategy it’s no surprise that Oomph Founder, Morag Hutcheon, brings a heavy dose of disruptive and creative design thinking into the business. By blending technology, convenience and sustainability, their aim is to accelerate EV uptake and enhance the customer experience by delivering a complete EV charging ecosystem.  A system which is smart, moveable, modular, clean and requires NO plug. A system that runs completely off grid, delivers rapid charge and when recharged by renewable energy and delivered in electric vehicles, will directly support business net-zero goals by helping to decarbonise fleet transport.

Oomph was borne out of personal experience. What started out as mild frustration after making the switch to an electric vehicle, quickly escalated into a burning desire to improve user experience.   With a 12-week wait for a home charge installation, Oomph Founder, Morag spent over 40 hours in the first 3 months of EV ownership at the limited local charging points, which more often than not were slow units, often broken and lacking facilities.  Even with the luxury of having at home charging which over 40% of the population do not have, making the switch to electric can still be incredibly time consuming and frustrating.

“The question that kept going around in my head was why do we need to replicate the old ways of wet fuel sales and inconvenience? The simple answer is we don’t”

Morag Hutcheon, Oomph Design Director and Founder

As the world seeks to address climate change, we need innovators, change makers and entrepreneurs bold enough to lead us through these challenging times.  Companies who can disrupt legacy models and provide creative solutions for the challenges that lie ahead.


Oomph believes their technology will truly make a difference in the climate emergency battle by removing hurdles and de-risking the switch to electric.  It is after all an ecosystem that requires zero infrastructure, can flex and grow in line with business needs, move location and increase capacity, all whilst providing the flexibility and convenience that businesses and customer’s demand.  By adding off grid and mobile charging to the EV charging mix, the goal is to support an industry that is currently being throttled by limited infrastructure, high installation costs and restrictions in power delivery by creating a ‘fuelling system’ that works in harmony with the modern-day lifestyle and on-demand business delivery model.


If you are thinking about making the switch to electric vehicles but have concerns about range anxiety, lengthy install times or flexibility, Oomph could be the solution you are looking for

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