Blue Skies
Blue Skies
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The first fully mobile, rapid EV charging technology 

Range anxiety need never be a problem again, your customers don't have to plan their journey around a fixed  charging infrastructure anymore. Our technology and software ecosystem ready for you to offer a full service.


The OOMPH EV50 can deliver an EV charge at speeds upto 50kwh. (that's giving 40 miles charge in 12 minutes) so perfect for a rapid charge in an emergency/remote location or a pre planned full charge to make life a easier for the customers. This really is a game changer!

We're developing a network of partners to offer an oomph charge service globally, if you'd like you be part of the future, please get in touch.

'we can offer this to customers as part of their new car purchase, it'll help range anxiety and differentiate our brand'

Blue Skies

We care about the environment

We're planning to run a zero emission fleet and ultimately we'll use green energy providers to power us and you. We see a future of using the earth's natural resources of wind & solar to power the vehicles we need but significantly lowering pollution levels as we do

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Experts in innovation, product development, technology and brand. Designing the future is what we love and know best! We think differently, so oomph has developed and grown to deliver electricity to EV customers in a fully mobile way. No longer will customers be restricted to fixed point charging when they can be found, we can deliver power for EV's anywhere we're needed.  


The rapid introduction of EV vehicles and reduction in pollution is something we're fully behind. But a slow growing fixed EV charging infrastructure and range anxiety is holding people back from the transition. 

No need to plan your life around a fixed charging infrastructure anymore, we're mobile, rapid and able to come to you...

'OOMPH can keep our EV fleet charged. letting our drivers concentrate on what they do best...'

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We're passionate about helping people transition to full EV and helping create a cleaner environment.  Our ultimate aim is to take the power we need to run the system and our EV fleet from green energy suppliers and natural power resources. Delivering the only, total net zero energy service. Manufacturers are developing net zero production cars, so a service to provide to these customers a net zero service is exciting but essential as we develop globally


Wind and solar power, transferred to the customer to run their EV vehicle seems the obvious thing to do. We're also committed to support research, community and education projects to promote a greener future