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Untethered Rapid DC Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles

As a technology-led company, it's all about making a real change in everyday life for us at Oomph, by leveraging the power of innovation.


We want to provide an easy-to-use platform that enables convenience and flexibility with EV charging. One that can grow and flex as your business does.  Mobile or untethered charging is not a silver bullet for EV charging; it's about complementing the advancing fixed infrastructure with a little more freedom and flexibility. Adding convenience, on-demand, and modularity.​ 


Our goal is to help remove barriers to EV uptake, such as range and charging anxiety.   To give back control to the fleet manager or business owner who needs to keep vehicles charged and moving. To support their drivers who cannot rely on at-home charging.​It's about adding solutions that support the on-demand convenience economy and providing the technology for new CaaS businesses to emerge.


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