we're REIMAGINING EV CHARGING...with our smart off-grid DC mobile EV charging



Technology that  allows the EV user to decide when and where to receive charge

SMART Ecosystem

  • Easy booking

  • Easy payment

  • Slick customer interface

  • Customised for B2B


On-demand and pre-order

ANY Capacity

Packaged with an app-driven customer interface and supported with backend data, GPS tracking, and energy management software our  technology offers a range of charge delivery systems with capacity solutions from 30kW up to 200kW and beyond.


Suitable for any offgrid and mobile need

Ready to Charge

Rapid. Convenient. On-demand

Just how EV charging should be


Offgrid Mobile EV Charging 

Injecting some much-needed
oomph into the EV-olution

Our philosophy is the see the world through the eyes of the consumer. 

To disrupt old ways and methods and replace them with flexible, on-demand options. Delivering the technology for on-demand mobile EV charging, net-zero and customer-centric. 


"oomph is one of the most exciting business I've seen in this sector"

Industry Leader